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King’s Family Distillery Thermos Flask


The Igloo Stainless Steel Flask works double duty so you have less to worry about when hiking that new trail or getting the kids out of the house for a trip to the park.

It not only keeps 20 ounces of your hot drinks steaming and cold drinks frosty, but its stainless steel cap also doubles as a 5-ounce cup. Remove the cap ”which insulates the built-in cup to keep the temperature retention going while you’re sipping away” and you’ll see the flask’s lid stays on to prevent leaks and pops open for easy pouring or drinking straight from the bottle. As with the rest of our drinkware for everywhere lineup, the vacuum-insulated design helps maintain the temperature of the liquid you pour inside ”whether it’s hot or cold” without changing the exterior temperature (so your hand holding it goes unaffected) and easily fits into a standard cup holder.

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